Current Portfolio


DMG Blockchain Solutions


DMG is a diversified cryptocurrency and blockchain platform company that is focused on the two primary opportunities in the sector – mining public blockchains and applying permissioned blockchain technology to address the fraud and friction that plagues the movement of value through supply chains. DMG’s strategy is to become the domain experts in verticals across many industries including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, energy, precious metals, transportation, financial services and manufacturing.


Patriot One Technologies Inc.


Patriot One Technologies Inc. and a research team at McMaster University, a well-respected Canadian center for research, and led by the expert guidance of Dr. Natalia Nikolova (IEEE Fellow, CAE Fellow, P.Eng. Professor, Canadian Research Chair in High-Frequency Electromagnetics) have come together to commercialize a system to detect concealed weapons utilizing novel radar technologies and custom software solutions.


Bankers Cobalt


Bankers Cobalt Corp is a cobalt and copper (Co-Cu) exploration and development company focused on advancing its high-quality portfolio of permitted concessions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Our goal is to generate a reliable, certified supply of non-conflict Co-Cu for existing and new processors in the DRC having excess capacity but a lack of available certified resources to meet burgeoning market demands.




It’s starts with our award-winning medical marijuana strains. For several years, we’ve collected elite marijuana plants from all over the world. Some had just the right body benefits. Some had just the right mind benefits. By carefully crossbreeding these plants, we’ve developed strains that give you the perfect balance of body and mind benefits. We take these amazing strains and grow them naturally, in small batches, without the use of synthetic pesticides. Every product is handcrafted and lab tested to ensure purity and potency. The result is high quality you can see—before you even try the product.


Blackchain Solutions


BlackChain Solutions Inc. is a financial analytics and risk management company that focuses on the crytocurrency economy, leveraging blockchain technology. Building on over 20 years experience in the financial industry, providing services to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, BlackChain provides the tools and platform that will transform the lending industry.